How to relieve stress

How to Relieve Stress: Holistic Ways to Ease Stress Naturally

By Caitlin Sacasas | November 28, 2018

Are you always feeling tense or chronically stressed? Don’t let stress weigh you down. Here’s how to relieve stress, the holistic way.

Natural Remedies for the Flu

3 Powerful Natural Remedies for the Flu

By Caitlin Sacasas | November 26, 2018

Flu season is here, and there’s nothing worse than getting an awful cold during the holidays. These 3 powerful natural remedies for the flu will get you feeling better fast.

Natural Gift Ideas

7 Natural Gift Ideas for Holistic Health Enthusiasts

By Caitlin Sacasas | November 23, 2018

Shopping for holistic health lovers doesn’t have to be hard! We’ve rounded up 7 great natural gift ideas for the “crunchy” loved ones in your life.

Benefits of Gratitude

The Powerful Benefits of Gratitude: Why Being Thankful Matters

By Caitlin Sacasas | November 21, 2018

Giving thanks isn’t only for Thanksgiving. Practicing gratitude is a life-transforming habit, and the benefits of gratitude for your health and wellbeing are numerous. Here’s why you need to practice gratitude year round.

Best Teas for Bloating

Best Teas for Bloating: 5 Natural Remedies for Quick Bloating Relief

By Caitlin Sacasas | November 19, 2018

Don’t let holiday feasts leave you bloated and uncomfortable. Prep your pantry with these 5 best teas for bloating, gas, and tummy troubles for quick relief!

CLEAR Detoxifying Charcoal Clay Mask

Pamper Your Skin with Herbs

By Julie Dion | July 5, 2018

Pamper Your Skin with the use of Herbs During the hot summer months, it is so important to protect and pamper your skin. Sun exposure is intensified, you’re constantly sweating, and if you aren’t staying properly hydrated your skin can begin to look dull and tired. Your skin will look its best when you take … Continue reading Pamper Your Skin with Herbs

DIY Herbal Tea

By Julie Dion | June 5, 2018

DIY Herbal Tea At Lone Star Botanicals, we encourage you to experiment with our organic herbs and spices to create your own blends and natural products. It is so much fun to research the benefits of herbs and utilize this knowledge to harness plant power in your own creative way. One of the best ways … Continue reading DIY Herbal Tea

Health Benefits of Herbal Tea

By Julie Dion | May 2, 2018

Health Benefits of Herbal Tea Herbal tea is a delicious drink that also provides numerous health benefits. There are hundreds of different varieties of herbs that can be combined to make a tea specific to the health benefits you are looking for. Most herbal teas offer some variety of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other nutrients. … Continue reading Health Benefits of Herbal Tea

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