Chakra balancing for beginners

Have you ever thought about balancing your chakras?

There are the seven main energy centers of the body: root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown. Each chakra is associated with different physical, emotional, and mental states. And when they’re out of alignment, unbalanced chakras can cause illness and distress. When one is out of alignment, another is usually too open and active to compensate, so you feel out of balance as a whole.

Chakra alignment takes a bit of practice, as you become attuned to each one. Here’s a quick guide to chakra balancing for beginners.


How to Balance Your Chakras for Beginners

Root Chakra

Color: Red.

Location: Base of the spine.

Represents: Stability and feeling grounded.

Mantra: I am.

When out of balance: You feel more aches and pains. Emotionally, you may feel stressed about basics for survival, like food and money.

When in balance: You feel safe, connected, and grounded.

How to balance it: Walking barefoot. Wearing rubies or garnets for crystal therapy. Clove essential oils. Eat red foods, like strawberries. Enjoy herbs like dandelion root and ginger.


Sacral Chakra

Color: Orange.

Location: About two inches below your navel, within your body.

Represents: Creativity and desire.

Mantra: I feel.

When out of balance: Issues with your reproductive system, kidneys, hips, and low back. Trouble in relationships, creative blocks, and lack of abundance and wellbeing.

When in balance: You feel creative, ready to take risks, passionate, and committed.

How to balance it: Do something romantic, even if just for yourself. Wear moonstone. Sandalwood essential oils. Eat orange foods, like carrots, and herbs like calendula and hibiscus.


Solar Plexus Chakra

Color: Yellow.

Location: Abdomen.

Represents: Confidence, self-acceptance, and instinct

Mantra: I do.

When out of balance: Problems with digestion and extreme fatigue. Low self-esteem and negative self-talk.

When in balance: You feel confident in yourself, your decisions, and feel self-love.

How to balance it: Soak up the sun! Wear amber. Chamomile essential oils. Eat yellow foods, like lemons. Try herbs like rosemary and fennel.


Heart Chakra

Color: Green.

Location: The heart.

Represents: Love and gratitude.

Mantra: I love.

When out of balance: Issues with lungs, heart, breasts, or lymph nodes. Feeling abandoned, jealous, bitter, lonely, or loving to the point of smothering.

When in balance: You feel happy, grateful, and full of love and compassion.

How to balance it: Give from the heart, or do volunteer work. Wear emeralds or jade. Rose essential oils. Eat green foods, like spinach. Try drinking matcha green tea, or use hawthorn berry herb.


Throat Chakra

Color: Blue.

Location: The throat.

Represents: Clear communication and truth.

Mantra: I speak.

When out of balance: Sore throats, thyroid problems, or ulcers. Lack of communication, fear of speaking up, or speaking over others and without a filter. Feeling out of control.

When in balance: You feel honest and free to express yourself.

How to balance it: Learning to say “no,” and speak honestly. Wear aquamarine. Lavender essential oils. Eat blue foods, like blueberries. Include herbs like red clover blossoms and eucalyptus.


Third Eye Chakra

Color: Indigo.

Location: Between the eyebrows.

Represents: Focus and vision.

Mantra: I see.

When out of balance: Headaches and sinus problems. Moodiness, exaggeration, inability to see oneself or others clearly.

When in balance: You feel focused, clear-headed, with a clear vision and goals.

How to balance it: Listen more, and be more observant of others’ feelings. Wear lapis lazuli. Jasmine essential oils. Enjoy deep, rich red wines and grapes. Add peppermint and rosemary to your diet.


Crown Chakra

Color: Violet.

Location: Top of the head.

Represents: Connecting with our higher self.

Mantra: I understand.

When out of balance: You feel more sensitive to your environment, like light and sounds. You feel confused, alienated, depressed, and anxious.

When in balance: You feel present in the moment, mindful, and connected with your true purpose.

How to balance it: Meditate, and include quiet time for reflection. Wear amethyst. Frankincense essential oils. Eat purple foods, like eggplant. Enjoy lavender for tea and aromatherapy.


Chakra Balancing Practices

Here are some of the best practices to keep all seven of your chakras in alignment:

  • Meditation, specifically chakra balancing meditation
  • Yoga
  • Holistic healing and natural remedies
  • Breathing techniques, like pranayama
  • Reiki

Balancing your chakras takes time to understand, but can bring inner peace and calm. Become attuned to your vibrations and energy flow, and chakra balancing becomes second-nature.

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