Raise your vibrations

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Looking to attract positive vibes and learn how to raise your vibrations? Raising vibrational frequency isn’t hard or time-consuming, but takes consistency.

High vibrations attract positivity, happiness, good fortune, health, and abundance. Low vibrations are the exact opposite. If you’ve been feeling a bit down on your luck, try changing your energy with these tips.


What is a “Vibration,” Anyway?

Vibrations are the energy levels we put off at different frequencies. Scientifically, a vibration comes from our particles and matter vibrating and creating energy. And our whole being – physical, emotional, mental, and spirtual – plays a part. When you talk about raising your vibrations, you are talking about making your particles move faster and at a higher frequency.

Positive vibrations are higher and faster, while negative vibrations are lower and slower. And unlike the saying “opposites attract,” energy is attracted to similar energy. So when you are consistently putting off low, negative vibrations, you attract negative energy.

That’s why we want to raise our vibrations, and attract positive energy!


5 Easy Ways to Raise Your Vibrations Now

1. Consciously Choose to Think Positive

If like energy attracts like energy, and our thoughts and mental state also give off frequencies… Well, then what you think attracts what you think about. If you think positive thoughts, they’re more likely to happen. And, the more you think happy thoughts about yourself and your life, the more your vibrations will rise and attract good things. You’ll feel happier and healthier. You can try this with any thought, too. And when negative thoughts come? Treat them as Marie Kondo says to treat items you no longer want: Thank them, and then gently get rid of them. Speaking of KonMari…


2. Take Care of Your Home

Clutter can cause stress, and stress can lower your vibrations. Marie Kondo has it right when she says that a tidy home allows you to focus on what’s important in your life. Her philosophy follows a bit of feng shui when it comes to organizing your home. This raises your vibrations by allowing energy to flow peacefully.


3. Be Kind to Others

It should be no surprise that giving to others makes you feel good, and gives you higher frequencies. Giving to others of your time or services helps you to realize your own abundance. It’s proven that doing good for others makes you healthier, so don’t waste your precious energy on selfishness and gossip.


4. Meditate

Meditation allows you to release, relax, and let go. It helps you to empty yourself of any stress or negative energy, and invite in positive vibes. A regular meditation practice can help you make positivity a consistent habit. And, it helps you connect with your higher self, which has the greatest vibrational frequencies.


5. Watch What You Consume

Watch what you consume through all your senses. Are you listening to music that sends negative messages? Are you watching gossipy reality shows, or violent crime dramas? Is your social media feed filled with pessimism? Are you eating a lot of junk food?

All these are negative things lower your vibrations. But by enjoying positive, uplifting entertainment and people, and eating well, you’ll experience more happiness. Healthy foods and organic herbs can help raise your vibrations, as well as tea that promotes positive energy and inner calm.


Feel Good with Positive Vibes

Be on a higher level with raised vibrations! Even if you don’t believe in vibrations, the truth is, all these things are positive traits and healthy habits to strive for. And there’s nothing wrong with trying to be a more positive, happy you! Shine on, ya’ll.

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