Home Apothecary for Natural Wellness

10 Must-Have Herbs to Start Your Own Home Apothecary for Natural Wellness

By Caitlin Sacasas | February 22, 2019

Want to start your own home apothecary? You’ll want a well-rounded arsenal of essential herbs for all your natural remedy needs. Here are our top picks!

Healthy Dinner Recipes

7 Easy, Healthy Dinner Recipes You Can Cook Up Fast

By Caitlin Sacasas | February 18, 2019

Looking for easy, healthy meals that you can whip up fast but are still packed with flavor? These healthy dinner recipes will save you time on busy days!

Natural Skin Care Routine

How to Start a Natural Skin Care Routine for Your Skin Type

By Caitlin Sacasas | February 15, 2019

Using organic skin care products can heal your skin and give it a healthy glow! Here’s how to create a natural skin care routine based on your skin type.

Tea latte recipes

10 Delicious, Healthy Tea Latte Recipes to Curl Up With

By Caitlin Sacasas | February 11, 2019

Curl up with a delicious, nutrient-packed cup of tea! We’ve rounded up some of the trendiest, healthiest tea lattes for you to enjoy – including our own in-house favorites!

Herbal tea remedies

Herbal Tea Remedies for Every Ailment: How to Heal Your Body with Herbs

By Caitlin Sacasas | February 8, 2019

Teas have been used for centuries for healing the body naturally. No matter what ails you, relief is only a sip away with these herbal tea remedies.

Herbs for fighting infections

How to Use Powerful Herbs for Fighting Infections

By Caitlin Sacasas | February 6, 2019

Did you know that herbs can kill viruses? They’re antibacterial and anti-fungal to treat infections, too. Here are some ways to fight infections with herbs.

Raise your vibrations

5 Easy Ways to Raise Your Vibrations Now

By Caitlin Sacasas | February 4, 2019

Good Vibes Only here! Looking to attract positive vibes and learn how to raise your vibrations? Try changing your energy with these tips.

Reproductive health

4 Amazing Herbs for Better Reproductive Health

By Caitlin Sacasas | February 1, 2019

The reproductive system plays a huge role in our whole body health, especially in women. Improve your reproductive health by adding herbs to your diet!

Healing meditation

Meditation as Medicine? 5 Ways Meditation Can Heal the Body

By Caitlin Sacasas | January 30, 2019

Is meditation more than a method to calm your mind? Learn how meditation can ease everything from insomnia to chronic pain.

home remedies for kids

7 Best Home Remedies for Kids to Get Better Fast

By Caitlin Sacasas | January 28, 2019

These home remedies for kids are helpful for those days you need some simple holistic healing to get them feeling better fast.

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