Dandelion tea is brewed from the leaves and flower heads of the dandelion plant. This herbal tea has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine and is thought to have a range of health benefits.

Dandelion tea is high in antioxidants and contains bitter compounds that may help to stimulate the immune system. Recent studies have suggested that dandelion tea may help kill cancer cells, inhibit tumor growth, and treat certain types of blood cancer. In particular, dandelion tea promotes leukemia cells death and may help prevent the spread of these cancer cells.

The National Library of Medicine states, “Our results showed that aqueous dandelion root extract (DRE) efficiently and selectively triggers programmed cell death pathways in in-vitro and in-vivo colorectal cancer models. The results confirmed our hypothesis that the molecular complexity or the DRE extract is responsible for its anti-cancer activity, as it allows the engaging or multiple signaling pathways in cancel cells, including the mitochondria. Therefore, we can conclude that DRE, as a complex mixture, might provide a complementary alternative to currently available chemotherapies. With these results, DRE is approved by Health Canada for Phase I clinical trials in hematological cancers. Their use might prove not only efficacious, but also associated with fewer and less severe side-effects and thus, improve the quality of life and possibly increase the lifespan of cancer patients.”

I have added a super yummy dandelion tea to keep you healthy and cool this summer!

Dandelion Sun Tea Recipe

Fill a large glass container with filtered water. It does not matter if it is hot or cold, as the tea will seep into the water either way. You will want to add between 8-10 bags of tea per gallon of water. Cover the container and let it sit in the sun until the tea is as dark as you want it to be. Add a sliced-up lemon. Add ice and maybe some mint leaves for a spectacular and nourishing summer treat.  If fresh lemon and mint are not available, dried may be added during the steeping step.

You can also add dandelion root instead of the tea bags. You will want to use 1 cup of dandelion root for every cup or water. In this case, I find It best to boll the water before pouring it onto the roots for a more robust flavor. You might also want to use a lid with a filter but eating the flowers won’t hurt you.


This blog was written by Nancy Smith from A Carrot A Day.

About the Author

Nancy Smith from A Carrot A Day

On 03/09/2008 I was diagnosed with stage 2 cervical cancer. I was in disbelief! One day after an oncologist appointment, my mother mentioned that we need to figure out who will take the kids if I die. That’s when I decided that there was no way I could die! My kids needed me, and I still had so much life left to live. I was determined to live, and I told her that I refused to die! I did have surgery, but when my oncologist suggested chemo/radiation I was adamant that I would not have that (she said I could die without at least the radiation to my surrounding lymph nodes). More than cancer I feared being sick from these procedures.

That’s when I started googling everything I could on how to cure my cancer. I went down many different rabbit holes and discovered a myriad of health and healing solutions and most importantly health communities. I have been researching and incorporating different healing remedies ever since.

I started with Budwig and went onto Square One and the journey continues. If nothing else these protocols made me feel better. And guess what? I have been cancer-free ever since. I am not claiming these protocols cured me. It could have been the surgery. It could have been my sheer determination. It could have been divine intervention. We will never know. What I do know is that eating healthier and living a healthier lifestyle made me feel so good! Better than ever actually!!

I believe that our bodies were made to heal themselves and if we give them the proper foundation of nutrients and care we will have the ability to transform our health and our lives.

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