Natural Skin Care Routine


Did you know you can significantly reduce your toxin intake by switching to a natural skin care routine? Beauty and skin care products are full of chemicals and toxic ingredients. Some ingredients absorb into the skin and wreak havoc on the body.

But by using organic skin care products, or DIY-ing some of your own, you can detox your skin and give it a healthy glow, naturally!

Here are our favorite ways to create a natural skin care routine based on your skin type. It’s easy to make the change!

How to Start a Natural Skin Care Routine for Your Skin Type

Oily Skin or Acne-Prone Skin Types

If you have oily or acne-prone skin, you may be surprised to find switching to clean beauty products helps solve the problem. Even oils can be effective for this skin type — contrary to what you may think.

A great way to cleanse oily skin is to use coconut oil first to remove makeup or other dirt from the pores. Then cleanse with a water-based cleanser. It deep cleanses and hydrates without leaving a residue after the second cleanse.


Cleanse: Coconut oil first, then cleanse with homemade rice water cleanser

Exfoliate: Mix a tablespoon of matcha and grapeseed oil with a half cup of sugar, and use to exfoliate.

Tone: Cooled chamomile and yellow dock root tea to calm skin redness and detox the skin. Apply with a cotton ball.

Mask: CLEAR detoxifying charcoal clay mask to deeply purify pores.

Treatment: Tea tree oil for cystic acne spots.

Moisturize: Try creating a jojoba and rosemary face moisturizer.


Dry Skin or Sensitive Skin Types

Dry and sensitive skin types usually see the fastest benefits switching to natural skin care. Because they’re often irritated and dried out by chemical products, the change to natural ingredients helps calm the skin and pamper it.

Roses are the best, most nourishing flower for dry and sensitive skin. It helps calm any redness or rosacea and adds plenty of moisture.


Cleanse: Mix equal parts castile soap with coconut or argan oil (equal to about 1 cup). Steep rose petals in boiling water for 20 minutes, strain out the petals and let cool. Add ¼ cup of rose water or tea to the mix and stir.

Tone: Using the DIY rose water from above, mix equal parts rose water and witch hazel in a glass spray bottle for a hydrating toner.

Exfoliating Mask: Don’t scrub your skin with rough exfoliators. Instead, try our RADIATE exfoliating floral clay mask to exfoliate, soothe, and nourish all at once.

Moisturize: Use a light amount of coconut oil to soothe and hydrate. If you apply too much, you can wipe away the excess with a cotton ball.


Normal Skin or Combination Skin Types

This type can be a bit confusing, even though it’s “normal.” Many people think they have oily skin when they actually have combination skin or normal skin.

Normal skin still produces oil, but it’s only enough to keep the skin hydrated. Combination skin produces more oil in your T-zone area (forehead, nose, chin, cheeks), and is dry around your hairline.

Keep it balanced by not using too drying or irritating products. Trying to completely get rid of oil actually causes your skin to produce more!


Cleanse: Mix 1 tbsp aloe vera gel with 2 tsp castile soap and ½ cup lavender flower water or cooled lavender tea. Fill in a bottle, and shake each time before use.

Exfoliate: Mix a tablespoon of matcha and jojoba oil with a half cup of sugar, and use to exfoliate.

Tone: Cooled chamomile tea to calm skin redness and detox the skin. Apply with a cotton ball.

Mask: Try our RENEW rejuvenating clay mask to purify, exfoliate, and nourish all at once.

Moisturize: Whip together ½ cup shea butter with 1 tsp jojoba oil and add 1 tbsp of Rosehip tea.


Anti-Aging Skin Care Routine

When switching to an anti-aging natural skin care routine, the important thing is moisture in layers. Using hydrating, water-based ingredients first, and then sealing it with a deep moisturizer is key.


Cleanse: Cleanse with rice water cleanser, a tried-and-true Japanese anti-aging secret

Exfoliate and Tone: Make a tincture of red clover blossoms and mix ¼ of a glass spray bottle with ¾ rose water to make an anti-aging and exfoliating toner.

Mask: Use our RENEW rejuvenating clay mask to nourish and remove dead skin cells and environmental toxins.

Moisturize: Mix ½ cup shea butter with ¼ cup coconut oil and 2 tbsp of Rosehip tea and 1 tsp baobab powder. Whip together.


Supplements and Herbs to Help Your Skin Glow

Collagen, omega fatty acids, and water are three of the best supplements you can take for healthy, glowing skin. Collagen helps renew your skin cells and repair the elasticity, so your skin looks fresh and youthful. And adding a scoop of collagen to your morning brew or tea is the best anti-aging skin care routine you could try.

Herbs for glowing skin include rose hips, dandelion leaf, and hibiscus. They help purify toxins from the skin which can cause aging, and rose hips are nourishing. Our GLOW handcrafted tea is formulated for a healthy glow in all skin types.


No matter your skin type, you can glow with natural skin care products. Find what works best for you!

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