Glowing skin

Looking to clear up your skin and give it a healthy glow? There are a lot of herbal remedies for skin care problems. From good spices for face masks to clear acne, to herbs for skin elasticity to reduce fine lines. Get your glow on with these herbs!


5 Must-Have Herbs for Clear, Glowing Skin

1. Chamomile

Chamomile is an anti-inflammatory herb, so it helps calm skin irritations. From reducing acne redness to calming rosacea, it’s one of the best herbs for skin care. It even helps fight fine lines and signs of aging! To get the benefits, steep it as a tea and use the cooled tea to apply as a toner. Or, grind up the flowers and create a paste with water or a skin-calming oil and apply as a mask.


2. Rose Hips

Rose hips are popular in skin care products for their amazing anti-aging benefits. Rose hips help boost the skin’s elasticity and repair the skin. So your skin gets that youthful glow, sans all the chemicals in traditional skin care products. Like chamomile, you can steep it as a tea and use as a toner for the best benefits.


3. Milk Thistle

Milk thistle is a powerful antioxidant that helps keep your liver healthy and remove impurities from the body. By taking it regularly, milk thistle helps your skin detox environmental pollutants and other skin stressors. Milk thistle helps your body from the inside out, so drink it as a tea daily or take it as a supplement.


4. Red Clover

Red clover is one of the strongest herbs for clear skin because it helps improve circulation in the skin. When your skin has better circulation, it sheds build up and dead skin cells faster. Plus, it’s great for treating eczema and psoriasis! It’ll give you glowing skin and preventing aging with its strong concentration of natural estrogen, too. It can be powdered and made into a paste to apply to areas that need it, or as a face mask.


5. Yellow Dock Root

Yellow dock root is a great herb for fighting acne because it detoxifies the body and skin. It’s rich in phytonutrients and flushes out toxins, irritants, and environmental pollutants from the body to help keep your skin clear and glowing. Drink it as a tea regularly, or make it as a tincture and apply it as an acne spot solution.

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