Herbs for weight loss

Want to boost your metabolism, rev up your body and burn more fat? Then start adding more herbs and spices to your meals! It’s no surprise that what you eat affects weight loss, but many people don’t think about using spices to burn fat.


Get more health benefits out of your meals with these weight loss herbs.

5 Best Herbs and Spices Proven to Boost Weight Loss

Black Pepper for Weight Loss

The classic seasoning does more than add a little spice to your food! Black pepper contains piperine, which helps block fat from forming. It also speeds up your metabolism and helps other herbs, spices, vitamins, and minerals to absorb into your body better when taken together.


Thankfully, black pepper goes with almost anything! So you can add it to all your meals for a quick and easy weight loss aid.


Cayenne for Weight Loss

Cayenne is a thermogenic herb that boosts your body’s internal temperature and causes you to burn more fat, faster. It’s one of the best herbs for weight loss because it gives your metabolism a lift, and it also helps curb your appetite.


This spice adds a lot of zip to your meals, but it can even be used in your drinks. Try adding it to your tea, or make golden milk.


Cardamom for Weight Loss

Cardamom is another thermogenic herb, so it also helps fuel fat burning by increasing your body’s temperature. Besides helping burn fat, cardamom is excellent for improving digestion and easing symptoms of gas and bloating.


Cardamom is a popular spice in Indian cuisine, but can also make a delicious tea!


Ashwagandha for Weight Loss

Ashwagandha has a whole range of health benefits, one of which is boosting energy levels and supporting the metabolism. It’s an adaptogenic herb that aids in muscle development, so it’s great when paired with a fitness routine.


Ashwagandha is usually enjoyed as a tea, but you can also add it other recipes, like healthy lattes, porridge, and protein balls.


Garlic for Weight Loss

Garlic is renowned for its healing ability, for everything from fighting a cold to killing carcinogens in the body. But, it’s also a fantastic herb for curbing hunger and cravings, aiding the metabolism, and burning fat. It’s also a powerful detoxifer, so it’ll flush out anything holding up your weight loss.


Garlic is a common ingredient in many recipes, from soups to seasoning protein and veggies.

Eat More Herbs, Loss More Weight!

If you’re going to season your food anyway, why not use some of these herbs to help you hit your health and fitness goals? They’ll add tons of flavor and help burn fat. Share your favorite recipes using these herbs on our Facebook or Instagram!

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