Herbal syrups are one way to concentrate the medicinal properties of herbs while making them easy to take. One of the most popular right now is of course is Elderberry Syrup which is used as an immune booster. This preparation is especially helpful for sore throats as the raw honey has wonderful antibacterial properties to calm irritation.

To make a herbal syrup you will need the herbs of your choice, water, and honey. A splash of alcohol will help to keep it from spoiling more quickly, but it is not necessary.

First, take the herbs that you want to use and make an infusion. Place about 1/4-1/2 Cup of total herbs into a 1 quart glass jar. Pour boiling water over the herbs to fill the jar and cover with a lid. Let this steep for at least 4-6 hours. Strain the infusion and measure how much you have. Once you measure place the liquid in a small saucepan and turn on medium-low. You are wanting to slowly steam the infusion until it has decreased by half, but you never want it to even get to a simmer.

Keep an eye on your decoction and once it has reduced by half you can pour it into a glass measuring jar again. Add about 1/3 the amount in honey. So your syrup should be 2/3 herbal infusion and 1/3 honey. Adding honey at this time makes it easy to stir in because it is still warm, but not so hot that it destroys any of the healing properties.

Here are some herbs that are fantastic for herbal syrups.

And so many more!

Adding a combination of herbs together can create different flavor and healing properties.
Which ones would you use in an herbal syrup? Have you used an herbal cough syrup before?

Let us know and if you post your recipes on social media, make sure to tag us so we can see @lonestarbotanicals!


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