Floral infused milks can be used in a variety of ways for DIY skincare. This method is perfect to use for soap making, but adding to a warm bath would be lovely as well.

To make your floral infused milks you will obliviously need dried flowers and, yes milk! As for the milk any can be used, dairy or vegan dairy alternatives. For this I used raw goat milk from my own goats. Each type of milk will have different pros and cons, but goat milk is known to be amazing for skin! You can read more about why here. One thing to consider is that through this infusion method you won’t heat the milk to keep the healing properties in tact, so it does take a few days to be ready. Secondly, of course, are the flowers. For this tutorial I chose three: calendula, lavender, and rose. Overall the lavender was the most strong with rose and calendula being very mild in terms of scent.

Everything you’ll need (per each floral infused milk):

1/2 cup dried herb/flower of your choice
Rose Petals

8-10oz of cold milk (dairy/non-dairy)

Glass mason jar

0.5oz hot water

To start add your 1/2 cup dried flowers to a glass jar. Pour in the 0.5oz of hot water over the flowers  just to moisten and jump start the infusion process. Next pour in your cold milk and stir. Make sure that the flowers and milk are combined very well.

The infusion will need to sit in the fridge for about 3 days to fully infuse. After that it is ready to strain and freeze in an ice cube tray. Once frozen it will be ready to use in your favorite goat milk soap recipe! Or you could just use it straight from the fridge into your hot bath for a wonderful healing soak.

Do you make your own soap? We would love to hear what your favorite herb or flower combination is!

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