Festive Herbs and Spices for Delicious Holiday Recipes

The family’s coming over for the holidays, and you need to prepare to whip up something delicious! That means it’s time to stock up on the best festive herbs and spices to craft some delicious holiday treats. Which ones are a must in your spice rack? There are a few that always go well together, and create a fragrant home that smells like Christmas. Here are the top herbs and spices you’ll see in those amazing Pinterest holiday recipes:


Must-Have Holiday Herbs and Spices + Holiday Recipe Ideas!


Ginger is in tons of amazing Christmas recipes, from holiday drinks to delicious cookies. And of course, a staple at Christmastime is gingerbread! You’ll find endless uses for ginger in recipes at this time of year. But you can also experiment with appetizers and snacks for Christmas, like this yummy gingerbread cheesecake dip.



Besides going well with ginger (and next up: cloves), cinnamon is so multi-purposeful and adds a touch of warmth to everything. Try sprinkling it on top of whipped cream for a tea latte, or make some delicious cinnamon honey butter with homemade bread!



Many holiday dessert recipes call for ginger, cinnamon, and cloves together to create that rich holiday flavor, so it’s a good idea to have all three on hand. But cloves can be a star on its own, like when creating your own chai tea mix. Or try making a spiced orange Moscow mule as a yummy cocktail for you and your guests.



Rosemary adds a great flavor all year round, especially to meals like roasted lemon and rosemary chicken. But did you know it pairs nicely with cranberries, too? You can add it as a pretty and flavorful garnish to cranberry drink recipes, like this Christmas sangria or this holiday punch.



Just in thyme for Christmas! Sorry for the bad pun, but this herb packs major flavor into every meal. You’re sure to win your family’s praise with hearty, flavorful meals like the perfect prime rib roast or cranberry balsamic roasted chicken.



It’s wonderful earthy smell and flavor pack a punch. Sage is an amazing herb to change up any dish’s flavor. Try it out by making a heart-warming butternut squash, apple and sage soup.



Peppermint is always a favorite wintery flavor! After a filling holiday dinner, you can drink up some peppermint tea to ease symptoms of bloating and indigestion. Or, if you’re ready for dessert, try making a lovely peppermint tea latte.


Which Herbs Will You Use This Holiday Season?

What Christmas herbs and spices do you always make sure to have on hand during the holidays? Leave us a comment on our Facebook or Instagram and let us know what you’re making!

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