For years, green tea has been boasted as a powerful cancer-fighter. And now, it’s whole, powdered form called matcha is revered as the ultimate health booster. But what is matcha, and what about all the different forms it comes in? What about matcha tea benefits? How do you use it? Spoiler: It’s so amazing and delicious!

What is Matcha?
Matcha is the green tea leaf in its purest form, traditionally stone ground into a powder. This is the most potent form of green tea because you’re consuming the entire leaf, so you aren’t missing any of its amazing benefits. In fact, you would need to drink 10 cups of regular green tea to equal one teaspoon of matcha green tea powder.

What is Ceremonial Matcha? Why is it Better?
Ceremonial matcha gets its name from the traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. It’s the brightest green matcha powder you will find, and it’s also the least bitter with the most earthy flavor. Some matcha comes in blends, which isn’t true matcha, or it’s labelled “culinary grade.” There’s nothing wrong with culinary grade if you’re using it for baking purposes or where it’s mixed with many other ingredients. It’s still rich in health benefits, but it has a more chalky texture and muted green color. It can also be a bit bitter, depending on the quality. So, ceremonial grade matcha is best for tea drinking.

Health Benefits of Matcha
Matcha is full of cancer-fighting antioxidants called EGCg, more than any other tea or even superfoods. One cup of matcha has caffeine and L-theanine to give you a healthy brain boost and improve focus. It has less caffeine than coffee, and it’s slow releasing caffeine – so you won’t crash later. It’s also rich in vitamin C, zinc, magnesium, selenium, and more. This makes it the perfect aid for fat burning and metabolism boosting!

How to Use Matcha
There are tons of ways to use matcha. You can drink it on its own, or make lattes and other drink recipes with it. It can made hot or cold, and you can also bake with it. Here are some of our favorite matcha recipes:

Matcha Tea
1 tsp Lone Star Botanicals Ceremonial Grade Matcha
4 oz off-the-boil water (ideally around 175 degrees)

Mix 1 tsp matcha with a splash of the hot water. It’s important to not let the water get too hot, as this can burn the matcha and give it a bitter taste. Mix the matcha powder with the splash of water until it forms a paste to prevent clumping. Then, pour in the rest of the water and stir. Traditionally, a bamboo whisk is used to whisk up a frothy tea that’s sipped unsweetened. But, if you prefer sweet tea, add a bit of honey or stevia. You can also mix the matcha with cold water to make a paste, then fill your cup with ice and cold water and stir.

Vanilla Matcha Tea Latte
1 tsp Lone Star Botanicals Ceremonial Grade Matcha
4 oz off-the-boil water (ideally around 175 degrees)
2 oz heavy cream
½ tsp pure vanilla extract
1 tsp honey or stevia blend

Start by mixing the matcha powder into a paste, like above. Then add all the other ingredients, and blend using a hand blender. Top it off with a bit of whipped cream for a delicious treat!

You could also use it to make Matcha Milk Tea or Matcha cupcakes. Find your favorite way to use matcha, and then sit back, sip, and savor!

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