What are adaptogens and why do we need them?

Let’s face it, as a culture we are stressed! From taking care of our homes, full time jobs, school, social pressures we can’t keep up. It weighs us down and keeps us feeling like we can’t catch a break. We know that stress is detrimental to our health. It overwhelms our nervous system and can create chronic health conditions.

What can we do naturally to offset some of that overwhelm? Let’s look to adaptogens!

Adaptogens are herbs or fungi that are proven to help the body get back to homeostasis. They help take us out of that fight or flight response (that unfortunately most of us live in these days) and give our adrenal glands much needed support.

Our three favorite adaptogens and how to use them:


This herb has been used for decades in Ayurvedic medicine. It is even safe and effective enough to be given to children and the elderly. This is an herb you want to have stocked in your natural medicine cabinet for those times when you need a little more stress relief. Ashwagandha can easily be ground in a coffee grinder and put into smoothies or warm drinks.


Maca is the ground root of the Maca plant. This adaptogen has an amazing ability to balance hormones which in turn help us to manage stress in our bodies. Maca pairs beautifully with chocolate and therefore is perfect to add to homemade baked goods, bliss balls or popsicles (recipe coming next week!).


Eleuthero root is also know as Siberian Ginseng and is probably the least known of the three, but incredible nonetheless! This herb has been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine to help with fatigue and overall wellness. Add this to your favorite tea blend and enjoy daily. Eleuthero is one of the top ingredients in our Be Well Tea!

These three adaptogens are the perfect place to start to bring peace and balance back to your body.


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