Pamper Your Skin with the use of Herbs

During the hot summer months, it is so important to protect and pamper your skin. Sun exposure is intensified, you’re constantly sweating, and if you aren’t staying properly hydrated your skin can begin to look dull and tired. Your skin will look its best when you take care of it both internally and externally. Here are a few things we do to keep our skin glowing:

• Drink plenty of water! Many of us think we’re getting enough H2O throughout the day, but most of us fall short. Aim for around 80 ounces each day to stay properly hydrated. Keep water with you at all times and guzzle it every chance you get. You will quickly notice improvements in digestion, energy levels, sleep habits, exercise performance, and mood. Your skin will show improved texture, increased softness, fewer breakouts, and a youthful glow.

• Wear sunscreen every day! Make this part of your daily routine, even on cloudy or rainy days. Protect yourself from harmful rays that can cause skin cancer and premature aging.

• Eat Real Food! Make sure that you are nourishing your body with plenty of plant-based foods that provide vital nutrients and antioxidants that fight free radicals within the body. Eliminating refined, processed foods will decrease inflammation, which will reduce puffiness and redness in the skin.

• Drink your tea! Drinking herbal tea is one of the best ways to absorb powerful plant-based vitamins and minerals. We created a beauty tea called GLOW that improves skin health and provides luminosity from within. Its ingredients include rare white tea, hibiscus flowers, and yellow dock root which neutralize free radicals, eliminate toxins, and help in maintaining a healthy, youthful glow. Shop this bright, floral, exotic beauty tea here:

• Pamper your skin! We developed three 100{90e65f354de6808c13e7e1c3890ce95892ac770a5fce01e3ef4cb36b4689035f} natural face masks that nourish skin without the use of harmful chemicals. CLEAR, a detoxifying charcoal clay mask, purifies the skin and removes impurities. RADIATE, an exfoliating floral clay mask, brightens skin and is rich in Vitamin C. RENEW, a rejuvenating herbal clay mask, soothes and calms tired, damaged, and mature skin. We recommend using a face mask 2-3 times per week to improve the health of your skin. Make it part of your self-care ritual and enjoy taking time to pamper yourself with natural products. Shop our face masks here:

• Lastly, take time to destress! In our busy, fast-paced lives, we often forget to pause. Meditation, yoga, and being in nature are our favorite ways to connect to our breath and realign with our true selves. Practice mindfulness and being present even within the smallest, most mundane tasks. Over time, this will have a powerfully positive effect on your mind, body, and spirit, and we guarantee it will show up in your skin too!

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CLEAR Detoxifying Charcoal Clay Mask

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