Are you struggling to get out of bed every day? Do you chug your coffee in the morning, but crash later in the day? Skip the sugar and mega-caffeine boosts that leave you weary later on. Try switching to tea for energy and focus instead, or creating your own tinctures with herbs for energy boosts throughout the day!


By using adaptogenic herbs, you can better maintain a healthy energy balance. And these herbs also have other positive health benefits. They speed up your metabolism for weight loss, have cancer-fighting properties, and there are some caffeine-free or low-caffeine options for energy during pregnancy.


5 Best Teas and Tinctures for Energy and Focus


Wake Morning Tea

Our own handcrafted Wake morning tea is made to give you improved focus, clarity, and energy. You’ll find the best herbs for energy in this tea: Green tea, yerba mate, and ginkgo. Green tea and yerba mate both contain a healthy dose of caffeine, and ginkgo is a powerful herb for mental focus.


Matcha, the powdered form of green tea leaves, is a potent form of energy. Because you’re consuming the whole leaf, you get the full benefits. Matcha has more caffeine than regular green tea, but less than coffee. Plus, it’s a slow-release caffeine, which means it keeps your energy up instead of spiking and crashing. Besides, matcha is one of the most amazing teas for your health. This one is also a better choice during pregnancy when you can’t have very much caffeine but need an energy boost.

Yerba Mate

One of the most healing beverages in the world, yerba mate is packed with goodness. It’s rich in cancer-fighting polyphenol and antioxidants and contains caffeine on the level of coffee. But, like matcha, it’s a slower-release caffeine. Besides that, yerba mate can help heal your body of things that may be bogging you down and making you groggy. It’ll give your immune system a boost, improve your gut health, aid weight loss, lower blood press, and deter stress. All things that can lead to lack of energy, but yerba mate can help correct.



Ashwagandha has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for ages, but it’s having quite a moment as a popular herb for home remedies. Like yerba mate, it helps sustain energy levels and focus, as well as stimulate other body functions that need a boost. Plus, if anxiety or depression weigh you down and lower your energy, then this is a great solution because it’s a powerful aid in reducing those feelings. Try it as a potent tincture like in this recipe or steep it as a tea daily.


Oregano makes an amazing herbal tincture for energy. You can check out how to make the tincture or oregano oil here, but most tinctures aren’t hard. You just need to steep the herb in 80-proof alcohol for a few weeks and make sure to shake it every day. Oregano tinctures are good for energy because they help detox the body and boost digestion. So if there’s any gunk in your system that’s keeping you from feeling your best, it’ll help flush it out.


Find Your Energy Balance

It’s hard enough trying to balance everything else in life without worrying about your energy levels all day too. That’s why these teas and tinctures are the best for energy. They’ll help sustain you and keep your body in top shape so you can have lasting energy balance, every day.

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