Herbs for Fitness

You drink plenty of water and make sure to fill up on a protein and veggie rich meal post-workout. But what about adding herbs to help supplement your fitness routine? You can improve your physical fitness by adding more vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and antioxidants into your diet. These 3 are our favorite herbs for fitness:


3 Best Herbal Supplements to Boost Your Fitness Routine

Eleuthero Root

Eleuthero root is a powerful adaptogen herb that contains phytochemicals and antioxidants. It boosts oxygen in your blood and keeps your energy balanced. It can also help post-workout soreness because it speeds up the metabolism of lactic acid. That’s what builds up in your muscles and causes them to get tight and sore. So it’s one of the best herbs for muscle recovery.


Besides that, it’s rich in vitamin C and magnesium – which are great for promoting healthy adrenals – and boosts mental focus and clarity. It’s best taken before a workout for energy, but you can take it again post-workout to help repair muscles. Make it as a tea, tincture, or encapsulate it and take it as a supplement.



Horsetail is one of the best herbs for muscle strength because it helps support your bones, joints, and connective tissue. It’s rich in silica, which helps restore, repair, and keep the joints and muscles lubricated. So if you tend to do heavy weight lifting, this herb is for you. It helps prevent injuries to the supporting tissues and joints around the muscles you’re working.


Besides that, horsetail also helps detoxify your body, so it makes a great supplement for when you’re trying to shed body fat and tone up. You can make it as a tea, potent tincture, or encapsulate it as a supplement.



Turmeric is best known for its anti-inflammatory benefits. That’s what makes it a great herb for fitness because it helps your joint function and mobility. It helps support your body by decreasing inflammation and boosting your immune system. That’ll help keep you at the top of your game, especially if you’re in the midst of a long training program, like running for a marathon.


Turmeric is most often used as a spice in cooking, or to create a tea, but you can also encapsulate it as a supplement.



Or, you can simplify your pre- and post-workout supplementation by enjoying a cup of our RECOVER tea. It’s a powerful blend of green tea and ashwagandha for energy and fat-burning.  Plus, it has oatstraw, horsetail, and turmeric to help repair and heal the body post-workout. It’ll help keep you in top shape! Steep it for a few minutes and take it with you to the gym as a sub for your pre-workout energy. Or, try it post-workout in place of your supplement recovery formula. Your body will feel refreshed using natural supplementation to boost your workouts versus the heavy and sometimes toxic supplement packets.

What other herbs do you include in your diet to boost your fitness? Have you seen great results with any of these we shared? Leave us a comment on Facebook or Instagram and let us know.

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