Benefits of Gratitude

Thanksgiving is here! The day of food, family, and gratitude. If you follow tradition, you may sit around the dinner table, sharing what you’re thankful for today. But giving thanks isn’t only for Thanksgiving – the practice of gratitude has a lot of positive health benefits.

Practicing gratitude is a life-transforming habit, changing the way you view yourself and others. It even translates to physical health benefits! After all, strong mind, strong body.

So if you’re feeling especially thankful today, learn why you should keep up the practice all year round.

Gratitude Improves Mental and Emotional Strength

One of the positive effects of gratitude on the brain is that it stabilizes your emotions. When you’re feeling grateful, you have more empathy toward others and connect on a deeper level. Gratitude also reduces feelings of stress and anger, so you feel happier and calm all day long.

Gratitude Helps You Sleep

Maybe one of the best benefits of gratitude practice is better sleep! When you consistently practice being thankful, you help your mind release any negativity and relax your body. In fact, the benefits of a gratitude journal before bed help you remove the clutter from your mind. Writing down things you’re thankful for right before you sleep can lead to deeper, longer sleep.

Gratitude Helps You Save Money

It’s true! When you practice gratitude, you’re more content with your life and the things you already own. You’re less likely to go on a shopping spree to fill an emotional hole when you’re already content and thankful.

Gratitude Boosts Your Self-Confidence

When you’re grateful for what you have and what you’ve accomplished, you’re more likely to feel proud of yourself. This feeling leads to less comparing and the feeling you have to “keep up with the Joneses.” It also helps you feel happier for others when they achieve great things.

Gratitude Improves Your Physical Strength

With a positive mindset, you’re less likely to think about all the negative things – and that includes aches, pains, and more. There’s also been a link between those who practice gratitude and better care of personal health. Because you’re attuned to your body’s needs and thankful for your health, you’re more likely to go the extra step to keep it that way. Plus, positivity and less stress significantly reduce the risk of illness, thanks to a boosted immune system.

What Are You Grateful For?

So, what’s on your list to be thankful for today? The things going on now like amazing food, family, the football game? Small things that make you smile, like morning coffee or a good book? Or what about big-picture things, like a roof over your head? Try writing them all down and see how you feel. Will you try to keep up with your gratitude practice?

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