Superfood Rainbow Pancakes

As if we needed an excuse to turn a regular recipe into a beautiful healthy one! These superfood rainbow pancakes are a really simple way to add a little extra nutrition to our favorite breakfast food. By using a few of our superfood powders we have created these Superfood Rainbow Pancakes, perfect for a Saturday morning brunch. The other great thing about these pancakes is that they can be made to fit ANY way of eating. Vegan? Keto? Paleo? AIP? Etc. Each variety may offer up some slightly different results in terms of color, but luckily that’s all part of the fun.

Rainbow Colors

For each of these colors we used these superfood powders (click each one to shop):
Light pink/red: Beetroot powder
Yellow/Orange: Turmeric (For this recipe using cassava flour the pancakes were naturally quite yellow and the turmeric for some reason turned the pancakes dark red! Anyone know the science behind that? I think for most other recipes turmeric would definitely work to make them yellow.)
Green: Green Spirulina or Matcha
Blue: Blue Spirulina
Dark blue/Violet: Elderberry extract powder

How To:

Here’s the fun part! This method is so easy and really fun to play around with. Using your favorite pancake recipe or even powdered mix, make a batch (or double!) of the batter. Now take about 1 cup of batter at a time, put in a separate bowl, and add some of our superfood powders. Starting with 1 teaspoon and working up to 1 tablespoon. Some powders deliver a stronger color and need less while some you may need a bit more powder for vibrant coloring. This would also be a great way to get kids involved in the kitchen and what a neat way to chat about the amazing nutrients that each of the superfoods have! Cook your pancakes and repeat with the rest of the batter and superfood powders.

We hope this “recipe” inspires you to use our superfood powders in a new and exciting way! These powders can also be used to make beautiful smoothies, muffins, and other baked goods. Have something unique in mind? Create a recipe and send it to us, we would love to share it on our blog! Tag us on Instagram and Facebook so we can see what creations you have made.

Stay healthy, have fun, and shine on!

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