Bladderwrack Flakes

  • Weight Loss Aid
  • Boosts Metabolism
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • High in Iodine and other Nutrients


Botanical Name: Fucus vesiculosus

Components: Bladderwrack is a floating brown seaweed that grows along coastlines around the world. Having been used in herbal medicine for centuries, the thallus of the plant that contains air-filled pods or “bladders” is usually dried and then consumed.

Overview: Bladderwrack contains high amounts of iodine which help boost the metabolism and promote weight loss. Packed with minerals, this seaweed is great for overall body health, and can be used internally and externally to soothe joint pain.

Warning: May contain traces of fish, shellfish, or other seafood.

Uses:  Cook bladderwrack in soups and broths, brew as a tea, or make into a poultice for topical use.

Origin: Oceanic Coastlines

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