Carmalete’s Original Blend (Organic) – 3 oz. Jar

Our Original Blend is a Cajun seasoning the way Cajuns actually cook at home. We don’t put a box of salt in everything we eat and we don’t have MSG, because my grandmother didn’t know what it was. The key to cajun cooking is balance. We use the same basic seasonings for everything. It is the balance that makes the difference. When most people taste Carmalete’s Original seasoning, at our demonstrations, they can taste each individual ingredient with a pepper kick at the end. We tell people, either the garlic or the pepper will grab your attention, not the salt overload. This type of seasoning is the basic seasoning to all Cajun meals. It allows you to add other spices to it and to adjust the flavor of what you’re cooking. The Original Blend is the basic seasoning in every meal we cook. Due to the balance you can start light, and build to the ultimate flavor that you desire.


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