Motherwort Herb (C/S)


Botanical Name: Leonurus cardiaca

Components: Motherwort is part of the mint family, but has a very bitter taste. The green leaves are harvested and dried for consumption or external use.

Overview: Motherwort is often used to treat heart ailments such as arrhythmia, heart failure and anxiety-related heart problems. It also helps with flatulence and hyperthyroidism, along with regulating menstrual periods and cramping. Motherwort can also be used to soothe irritated skin and shingles.

Uses: Motherwort can be steeped as a tea, made into a tincture, or powdered and encapsulated for ingestion. Can be applied to skin as a salve or oil to reduce itching, irritation, and shingles.

Origin: Central Eurasia


Warning: Pregnant and breastfeeding women and people with low blood pressure or bleeding disorders shouldn’t take this herb. If taking other medications, you should consult your doctor before using Motherwort.

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