Moringa Seeds (Whole, Conventional)


Botanical Name: Moringa oleifera

Components: Moringa seeds are harvested from triangular pods that grow on the moringa drumstick tree. When dried, they are hard seeds that resemble small beans with “wings.”

Overview: Moringa seeds improve sleep quality. They are high in fiber and iron and contain zinc that can help regulate blood sugar. The calcium found in moringa seeds can help ease joint pain and inflammation. They can lower bad cholesterol and have anti-carcinogenic properties. Moringa seeds can boost heart health and promote healthy hair and skin.

Uses: Moringa seeds can be boiled, steamed, popped like popcorn or roasted for consumption in small doses. When made into oil, moringa seeds are used in cosmetics such as anti-aging creams, soaps, hair products, creams, and essential oils.

Origin: India

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