Maitake Mushroom Extract Powder – 100g


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Botanical Name: Grifola frondosa

Components:  This powerful adaptogenic fungus can be found in Asia and North America on the bottoms of trees in the wild during the fall. After harvesting, these mushrooms can be used in culinary applications or dried and powdered.

Overview: When translated, Maitake means “dancing mushroom,” a name granted by the Japanese people who, according to legend, danced with joy upon its discovery. Maitake mushrooms are deserving of this reaction, as they help boost overall immunity, reduce diabetes and cholesterol, maintain proper blood pressure and fight free radicals. They have also been used to treat colds and the flu.

Uses: Maitake can be added in place of any other mushroom in any dish. Dried and powdered, these mushrooms can be encapsulated and taken as a dietary supplement.

Origin: Japan

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