Carmalete’s Gourmet Blend (Organic) – 3oz. Jar

Our Gourmet blend came from a love of aromatic rosemary and roasted garlic. It has a powerful flavor and can be used in dips, sauces, vegetables, and so many other options. When you taste our gourmet blend, the rosemary will immediately gain your attention. I use this blend in all of my vegetables as well as in my eggs. The marriage of rosemary and roasted garlic awakens my taste buds and makes me want to dance. The combination of our Gourmet blend and our Original blend also delivers unique flavors to any of these dishes as well as using them on fish, seafood, and whatever your heart desires. Remember to think outside the box and never follow the same recipe twice. A seasoned cook also tweaks his/her recipes and many times improves the dish while keeping his/her secretes hidden. This blend is one of my all time favorites and I like to pair it with a white wine; sometimes sweet, but not always.


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