Crystallized Ginger Root (Conventional)

  • Sweet Treat
  • Reduces Nausea
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Reduces Stress


Botanical Name:  Zingiber officinale

Components: Our crystallized ginger is made from the knobbly, aromatic root of the ginger plant. This root naturally has a peppery and slightly sweet flavor, which is then made more sweet by crystallizing it – cooking the root in syrup and then covering it with sugar.

Overview: This sweet treat does a lot more for you than it may seem. Crystallized ginger is great for treating upset stomachs and nausea, as well as reducing stress. Its anti-inflammatory and immunity-boosting properties make this root a great snack when you’re under the weather.

Uses: Eat plain or include in desserts or salads for a sweet and flavorful taste.

Origin: Southeast Asia   

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