Clary Sage Herb (C/S, Wildcrafted)

  • Wildcrafted
  • Soothes Menstrual Issues
  • Promotes Peace and Calm
  • Digestive Aid


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Botanical Name: Salvia sclarea

Components: Clary sage is comprised of dried oval or heart shaped leaves of the clary sage plant. These large plants can grow up to 3 feet high, with their broad leaves making the plant 1 foot wide.

Overview: This calming herb is widely known as a digestive aid, relieving stomach pain, gas, and nausea. Additionally, clary sage soothes muscle spasms and cramps. Some people have even used it to treat skin conditions and reduce tumors. The soothing smell and oil help reduce anxiety and has been used to treat depressive episodes. Tonics made with clary sage can help premenstrual problems and can soothe menopausal pain.

Uses: While most often distilled as an essential oil, this leaf is also a good flavoring in dishes like normal sage – adding depth and health to meals and pastries. When made into a poutice, some believe this herb can also help skin conditions. Tea made from clary sage can be used both as a calming drink and an eyewash to remove irritations.

Origin: Mediterranean

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