Box 9: Healing Tea Box

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This box brings you the best of our tea collection to bring peace and joy to your soul, plus a little something to heal your physical aches. Our BAMBINI tea gives your little ones a chance to drink those healthy herbs that you can’t get them to eat in their food. While it is a great bedtime tea, it can also help soothe their tummy troubles and boost their health. The two other blends in this box are a combination of stunning flavor and rich natural benefits for you to enjoy! Drink these teas to feel like you are wrapped in warmth by a fire, no matter where you are. And when life literally knocks you down, use the bonus healing salve to close up broken skin, heal acne, and even just speed the healing of any broken or cracked skin.

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Every box purchased helps fund Crisis Rescue International, a non-profit organization that helps free children from trafficking rings.

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